January 09, 2008

All the music and tv you can dream of, on the web... now!

YouTorrent.com (BETA) - Your Torrents. Real Time.

youtorrent is a very easy to use site, that compiles torrents from the most popular torrent hosts like pirate bay etc. no more trawling through each site seperately, this site does it for you very quickly. I'll be using this again

BitLet - the BitTorrent Applet - Music

a very interesting idea this... it allows you to preview torrents before you download, it needs a well seeded torrent to work properly, but what a great idea!

Check Out these Full Length Video Picks at Fancast.com | Interviews, TV Show Episodes, Spoilers, Trailers and More!

not sure how well this works, but after some abortive attempts at using the BBC iplayer (Burn in hell BBC!!! you make me need a new laptop) I have been looking at other ways to watch tv online and this seems pretty extensive

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