December 29, 2007

Spam of the month - 2 entries

Giant jumblied jezebel jonesin for some sausage
puritan extinguishers unapprehendableness
saker snaileater tuppences curia juristic
senatorian nebulise hobbyism charter barrelled
begray hurrier demographical abbacomes
cantlet freshets undaggled
laureateship dingus constabular miscuing
overhunting coaggregated outpourer
elytroid scrummager alveololingual footstool arrive
unliberalized sulfamerazin solenostomid resedaceous reventilate
pennsylvanian shatters megalospheric certitudes
semifictional dormice subplinth
leva pipe antoine leviathan
sciuromorph havergrass wilma
struggling palladic siegel futzes condensations
unoverwhelmed type archmagician flatfeet nonallegorical
hauls waivery lovebug stability

Rice eating bitch enjoys licking some black asshole

controllable fictile mycosis
cervices oaktongue hypochondria dovened outnumbering
canallers tidley polytonic vasoganglion patricianism
aspout melotragic cotset placet
bicentenarnaries reminiscently womanfully
narcotherapy usednt roon heterostrophy
sartorius veteranize richesse
octoyl unwarp praisable chiliagon sardana
orchardman excalation transitionist cacotheline prowersite
sanguiniferous flitted inscrutable dilogarithm
unthrifty hillers sullow
photoalbum thanan platystencephalia thone
organogenetic gramas tectonics
reinfections filibranch oxyopia begowk apricate
nuttishness irresistibleness dermalgia caliginous barra
heavenwardness thiazide policeless potentiate

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