May 20, 2007

spam of the month

under the heading "The tide's turning on all fronts." this one almost makes sense

Our pick of the Month is Flying!!!

Last price: 0,95
52 Weekrange : 0,50 - 1,16

Watch for Monday May 14th 2007. Our Best Pick of the Week. This is our
best yet!!!

Then, get this, she starts trying to climb out of the ditch. In a sense
we're being reborn. "Haven't seen you in a while.
We're at a tipping point, like Gore says.
One of his own men shot him. "Close enough for a bloody Mary morning. "
He slurped loudly, licked his lower lip.
And Jessica Lynch testifies how the military and media tried making her
out to be some kind of Davy Crockett hero for getting banged around and
busted up in that convoy in Iraq. " "That'll never fly.
"Haven't seen you in a while. Then I started adding it all up and
realized, hey, there's reason to celebrate. Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich
introduces a bill to impeach Cheney. "At first I was skeptical. " He
slurped loudly, licked his lower lip. Signs are everywhere. Moyers is
asking the same thing I've asked: What the heck are these talking heads
still doing on TV, as if they had a clue? Black as leftover night. "At
first I was skeptical. I've had a revelation, a vision you could say,
but I swear it's true, happened less than an hour ago. "Where did you
come from? So what's not to celebrate?
Black as leftover night. Scooter Libby at Cheney's office. Henry Waxman
holds hearings into the big lies about Pat Tillman, the football hero
shot dead in Afghanistan by one or more fellow soldiers. Like it says in
the Bible, them with ears to hear, uh, let 'em see.

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