April 03, 2007

bizzare spam of the month

under the title "Check it out" i got this today

Receive a mammoth modify on your medicine
dependable grades, Supreme quality.
gargantuan variance, including Difficult to find drugs
No formula rightful.
Hush-hush with No waiting space or appointmnets prerequisite
attain in totality and Save! supposing further

type www [dot] pillsafe [dot] org
in Your IE

Didn't you feel the ground shake? Yes; but we're used to such things in
California, he repliedAlready a few sky-gazers had noted the boy moving high
in the air, above their heads, and one or two groups stood pointing their
fingers at himIn studies comparing different lactams the spectrum of
coverage was similar in both arms However synergism can be examined only

How the spectrum of coverage can be similar in both arms is beyond me! and i'll examine my synergism directly thank you very much

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