March 27, 2007

The 12 Laws Of Identity

#12 Laws Of Personal Growth Who Am I? What Am I? Find out more about spiritual growth, identity.

Who Am I? What Am I? The 12 Laws Of Identity

Law 1. You have a right to feel. It is OK to feel all of your feelings. It is OK to be angry with others who have harmed you. Anger is a safety device, and it also helps to separate you from wrong identity beliefs, and from those who programmed you. BE what you are in the moment. If you are angry, then be that. If you are sad, be that. If you are lost, be that. If you are ecstatically happy, be that. Don't try to clean everything up. Feelings happen for reasons. Feelings come from real things and real experiences.

Law 2. You can't save anyone, but maybe you can save yourself. You can't save your parents, or brothers and sisters. You can only save yourself. You can set an example for how they can help themselves. But, that is all. You can't prop them up, fix their feelings, or do brain surgery. Let each of them decide their own path. They most likely will not listen to you, any way.

..... and so on and so it goes

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