January 16, 2007

bizarre spam of the week

Under the title
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i found this apparently religious text!

give, but it shall be given to them for whom it is prepared of bewail themselves as fallen creatures by nature, dead in more than what the scripture strictly requires them to do: The works is fulfilled in them; they are actually justified, the tree of life; they are enabled to reach out the arm of faith, Thirdly, I shall consider the ineffectualness, danger, more resolution, they have been stripped of all their good who was before involved in the utmost miseries and And what a privilege is here! Well might the angels at the By the word redemption, we are to understand, not only a to God, is one that halts between two opinions; that wavers and finished the work he begun; thus it was in the first, so it them. Brethren, the redemption spoken of is unutterable; we glorified: for as a man's worthiness was not the cause of heaven is broader than it really is; and thereby, as it was
Isiah Shapiro

really does beggar belief as to the purpose of these things

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