July 26, 2006

Table of Equivalent Software

Table of Equivalent Software - Libervis.com
Switched to the wonderful world of GNU/Linux or BSD but are not finding the applications that will do everything you did in Windows? Well, this table is for you! One thing you'll learn is that for certain tasks, there are many ways to do it in Unix.

The original table of equivalents is now a 404 (it was here). And here is an updated version http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html

Someone decided to make it into a wiki here, before the original became a 404. Both were immensely useful. However, the updated wiki has rules that we at Libervis do not support, including nonfree software in the Unix section (this isn't meant to be for Unix users looking for Windows programs, it's supposed to be for looking up Windows software (free or not) and finding a replacement). So we have decided to make our own.

The reason this is all on one page is so you can just come here and search for a Windows application you used to use without having to figure out how we categorized it.

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