June 13, 2006

net labels

So net labels... these are websites offering generally free music by unsigned (and in some cases signed) artists, the music is generally licenced under creative commons and can be available via direct download or peer to peer. A good aggregator of net labels is legaltorrents.com

anyway here is a list of net labels and links to netlabels for your perusal
One of the longest-running net.labels in existence, Monotonik (around since 1996!) specializes in downtempo 'idm'-style electronic music,

ansiform - ambient netlabel
Main Page - Netlabel Catalogue
New Netlabels - Netlabel Catalogue
20kbps rec. (netlabel)... these guys are proud to provide Lo-Fi downloads as the antithesis to the overly processed music that is every where these days
iD.EOLOGY - Label for individual music and visuals
Soulseek - Slsknet - File sharing software
Internet Archive
Sutemos - subjective music reviews, articles, free electronic music, popular net label
V2V | video syndication network

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