October 10, 2005

Re-post - Weather Control, is it possible?

Urban Survival

spooky clouds man... this is a relatively new subject to me, damn its a bit wierd though, dont really know what to make of it. especially when you combine it with "sylphs" and "chemtrails" and
this article

this one has some interesting ideas too. it would explain why some of tesla's more "out-There" ideas never really got off the ground... "they" were using them so no-one else is allowed to.

this link is what happens when you type "weather control" into google!!!

so is weather control possible... i have no idea but this does not look like an ordinary cloud!!!!

up date: i just found this link to 109th Congress, bill no. S. 517 which has the following quote in it (4) WEATHER MODIFICATION.--The term
19 ``weather modification'' means changing or control-
20 ling, or attempting to change or control, by artificial
21 methods the natural development of atmospheric
22 cloud forms or precipitation forms which occur in
23 the troposphere.

this information is also held on the library of congress legislative information website. go here to view the original.

now i'm not saying this is suspicious or anything... well ok i am, ask any average person if they think its possible to modify the weather and they'll probably laugh at you, especially if they're british!!! however if a government is even entertaining the possibility, to the extent that they legislate for it, they must have a good scientific basis that is grounded in a little more than theory, in other words provable scientific experiments must have been carried out. to quote "extensions of remarks june 20 2005" (found here) -
This bill will increase and enhance research and development in weather modification to better understand its effectiveness in addressing drought in our country.
(my emphasis) which kind of suggests a provable scientific basis.

Here is a site that looks at the mysterious bill mentioned above, there is some quite in-depth analysis of the bill such as
Not explained in the text is why "Technology Transfer" is in the title. Unless that is related to the right of the Board of Directors to “receive, use, and dispose of gifts," (emphasis added) we are left to guess what this means.
the site also has a shed load of links to sites that have weather control related information

and here
is another source of the text of the bill.

UPDATE: so have america and russia been at this for years? this article would seem to suggest they have since at least the seventies! so much so that, and i quote "a United Nations treaty has been signed which bans environmental warfare, such as causing earthquakes, melting the polar ice caps and altering climate." the text of which can be found here and here

very interesting that theres all this legislation for such a fanciful subject!!


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