February 21, 2005

Welcome to MichaelMoore.com!

Welcome to MichaelMoore.com!
heres a very useful site if you've not been here give it a visit. michael moore provides news and links to keep people up to date with all kinds of sub-culture info and the "Real" news. also acts as a Bush watchdog.

his "Must Read" section is exactly what is says on the tin. it provides Real News where it is not or little reported.

heres a snippet of his must read quoting from Hunter S. Thompson on the day of his death:-

"Some people will say that words like scum and rotten are wrong for Objective Journalism - which is true, but they miss the point. It was the built-in blind spots of the Objective rules and dogma that allowed Nixon to slither into the White House in the first place. He looked so good on paper that you could almost vote for him sight unseen. He seemed so all-American, so much like Horatio Alger, that he was able to slip through the cracks of Objective Journalism. You had to get Subjective to see Nixon clearly, and the shock of recognition was often painful."
-- Hunter S. Thompson, 1937-2005.

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